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Remote Deposit

Deposit Checks Without Leaving the Office with Remote Deposit

The old way of depositing your business checks: gather your checks, hop in your car, drive to CBI Bank & Trust, deposit your checks and drive back. How long does that process take? Ten, 20, 30 minutes or maybe more if you have multiple locations? Remote Deposit from CBI Bank & Trust offers a better way to deposit your business checks.

Xpress Capture, our Remote Deposit product, allows you to capture images of checks and similar items and deposit them directly from your office, workplace or farm. This means you get more valuable time back that can be spent focusing on your business. Pricing is tailored to your business’s check volume, so you know you are getting a solution customized to your needs.

Benefits of Using Remote Deposit

Can using Remote Deposit really benefit your company? It allows you to:

  • Make deposits to your CBI Bank & Trust account from any business location
  • Make deposits when it’s convenient for you, any time night or day
  • Immediately deposit large checks and multiple checks into your banking account as quick as possible
  • Eliminates time spent preparing deposits
  • Decrease expenses related to driving to deposit checks every day or week
  • Eliminate courier fees that add up over time
  • Cut the need to make night deposits, offering more peace of mind to you and your staff
  • Decrease the chance of checks lost in transit

Remote Deposit Capture Handbook

CBI Positive Pay Training Guide


Contact CBI Bank & Trust to Start Using Remote Deposit

Bring ease and convenience to your financial management by contacting Ashley Golafshar at CBI Bank & Trust today. She can help get you up and running with Remote Deposit.